Dun PLAY PLAY! Powerful Massage/Genuine JG/HDLY+2xHappy Ending By Pretty Big Boobies

18 Posted by - May 14, 2017 - JG/ Manhood Threpy, Veteran / Wild & playful

First and foremost , NO GOOD NO INTRO!

If ur a die hard fans for POWERFUL SOLID massage, looking for AUTHENTIC JG/MANHOOD THERAPY, teasing HDLY and HAPPY ENDING by PRETTY + BIG BOOBS lady, look NO FURTHER, QQ IS THE ONE!

This big boobies lady QQ was intro by one of my regular ml, she requested me to go and try her out and if good then ask me to help her post here. She say her friend is pretty and busty, She say till her massage is really no horse run and guarantee her jg is definitely genuine and solid, but in my mind where got so good things one, PRETTY, BUSTY, MASSAGE NO HORSE RUN AND JG authentic, hmmmm… but still i go lah, try try no harm mah, hehe. To my surprise ….

First look on QQ quite chio man, not those stunning beauty but sure won’t reject one, she was wearing a loose t-shirt so i can’t figure out her neh neh big anot. She greeted me with a big smile and led me to her room. Her room consider big with just a massage bed inside and also attach with bathroom. This is a studio apartment so is just one room with her all alone, my mind start to run wild thinking of what will happen later, hehe. She ask me to go shower first while she start to dim down the light and play some soft music. After shower, she want me to lay down and there’s start my session.

Highlight of the session :

Massage : 9 damn powerful, really dun play play

Oil rubbing : 9 very soothing and relaxing

Jg / Manhood therapy : 9 The juagen is probably the most authentic I’ve tried so far. The rest are just taking you for a plane ride, hence the term 打飞机. Haha.

Hdly 7 is done sensually though not the best i had but still able to make me hard on.

Okok i know whatelse is important to highlight also…

Her boobies (Nehneh) it’s big enough even my hand can’t hold all, aleast D cupper.

Finally come the showdown…. Hj 8
This part i find it weird as her hand movement is quite different from others, it’s very hard for me to describe but i shoot out more then usual and faster then usual, make me very paiseh. In short, very shiok lah. I’m still thinking how she can make me shoot so fast, hmmmm.

Since im a fast gunner and there is still time left, she massage my head and me nearly fall asleep, maybe I’m too tired after shooting out but i can say her skill on head massage is really good too.

Finally times up and i had to leave. Overall whole session i would give a grade A. Pretty, busty, powerful massage, authentic Jg, sensual HDLY and very happy ending + skillful head massage if got time lah. All in all $100 damage. If u opt for 90min session will be $150 with above stated service, anything more will depend on your chemistry with her.

Lastly QQ is a pretty milf with big boobies, if ur looking for syt with small neh neh then can forget her, lol

Damage $100 for 60 min all above mention service WITH very happy ending 2x or $150 for 90 min session.

QQ contact 81820056.

Lastly post your field report here to support this thread, thanks.

QQ self take photo


  • boon1811 April 28, 2017 - 1:01 pm Reply

    Thanks bro TS for sharing QQ contact.
    I had tried one hour massage with QQ last sat. And i had promised her to a FR.
    Look: 8.5/10 pretty n sexy
    Body: 8/10
    Massage: 9/10 i selected hard massage and then followed by super teasing with her ten fingers on my whole body
    Hdly:9/10 very sensual
    Hj:9/10 super sensual and enjoyable
    Autoroaming: 9/10 almost whole body
    Gfe: 10/10
    Rtm: yes.

  • max360 April 28, 2017 - 1:02 pm Reply

    Thanks for the ctc, went for QQ yest.

    Location easy to find, room attach with bathroom, massage on proper massage bed.

    Looks as what ts mention won’t reject but i find her quite pretty with makeup.

    Figure not skinny type nor fat. Tits should be big C or D, abit saggy but can understand as it’s natural.

    Roaming this part abit tricky, she is those need to warm up slowly type, need abit of skill then can enjoy more, u know what i mean but standard roaming still have.

    Massage is really solid, press right at the point, deep tissue and she told me she only use 70% strength but i have to ask her go easy with me as i can’t stand her powerful press.

    QQ jg is definitely no nonsense, not like those anyhow press press and hj for you, hers is the authentic type of jg, able to tell me which part of the balls veins is block and after the jg i can feel my urine more smooth.

    Hj is good together with hdly with her teasing and my hand and mouth is very busy too, cum quite alot maybe due to the jg.

    Overall to me very value for money. She is very willing to please and friendly.

    Thanks for the intro again.

  • sportmotor April 28, 2017 - 1:04 pm Reply

    Tried QQ with happy ending.
    Nice lady to chat with, told her to concentrate on my left foot and she obliged with tender touch.
    The rest is sop hj with full army unloaded.
    Will return again for her good service.

  • chefS3 April 28, 2017 - 1:05 pm Reply

    Short FR for QQ
    Recently had a massage with QQ. Her place is easy to find and discreet. (some private homes nearby) Was greeted with a smile and some nice morning lingerie. Took a quick shower and laid down for the massage. Her massage skills and quality is very good. QQ feels exactly where to loosen the tensions. Despite the light pain (asked for strong massage) I dozed off a bit. Just until the HDLY began. Heavenly! QQ took her time and for me the best HDLY ever experienced. Was then asked to turn around and QQ proceeded straight to the Juagen. l’m already looking forward to the next time. Again, heavenly. To top things off QQ slowly proceeded over to the H J. Very gentle and with the exact amount of pressure and movement l couldn’t tahan anymore and released ,,, QQ cleaned up a bit, let me rest for a while and then gave me a nice shoulder massage before proceeding to the shower.
    Left as a very happy man and will def rtm.
    Very friendly milf dressed in nice lingerie with great service 10/10
    Massage is great (at least for me hence l like it hard) 9/10
    Boobs – not a D-Cupper! C at max and a bit saggy. Still good to enjoy 7/10
    HDLY and Juagen was very enjoyable 9/10

  • super_21 April 28, 2017 - 1:05 pm Reply

    Support TS for both QQ & JJ.
    For QQ, i went to visit her yesterday although it raining heavily.
    Press the door bell & she opened the door immediately. First look of her , very pretty .
    Below is my rating for her service :

    Look : 8/10
    Massage : 9/10
    Service : Very friendly.
    RTM: Sure

  • Liketotry April 28, 2017 - 1:06 pm Reply

    Visited QQ this evening. Place is discreet and easy to find. She is good looking and not time waster. Very friendly. Massage has strength. Boob lover will love her. Money guarantee spent happily.
    No need to explain too much, go try and you will believe.
    Will RTM soon … Thanks bro TS

  • shiok11 April 28, 2017 - 1:07 pm Reply

    Long overdue FR. 1st: Thank you TS for sharing this lady.
    Location was quite ez to find, room comes with a bathroom.
    ML was neither fat nor skinny type, her booby is quite a handful, love playing with it. She asked what strength i would like to go with it, i choose medium which was quite strong for me liao. Her HDLY and JG was so-so for me as i’ve tried better ones, BUT her HJ and teasing ur bro was so damn good.
    Overall, it is a good experience.

  • percyjackson April 28, 2017 - 1:07 pm Reply

    Thanks for the contact bro
    Location wise about 5min walk from the train station discreet enough.
    Looks , may not look so chio at first but it will get to you later in the massage
    Huge jugs though very chatty & friendly making you feel comfortable
    Massage skills is good hard & soft on the right side in fact talking won’t do her justice gotta try it out, she made me release fast too hot damn.
    Overall a 8.5/10 for me will surely return
    Oh her English is ok too so no worries if you can’t type chinese

  • way_lam April 28, 2017 - 1:08 pm Reply

    Good recommendation! Location is reasonably convenient.

    Looks: 7
    Massage: 9 (good strength and technique)
    HJ: 8.5 (no rush, nice good hands)

    She is service oriented and friendly

    Good experience overall… definitely rtm

  • 1233 May 16, 2017 - 12:59 pm Reply

    honestly good service and an awesome rack so yea paying her a visit is prolly worth your time

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